Some of the anonymous best proxy server china free

December 29, 2016

The anonymous best proxy server china free is a type of proxy server that works through a Web form (also often called a CGI proxy).

Why use an anonymous proxy

This types of proxy is designed to increase the privacy of user on the Web by hiding the public IP address issued to them by their Internet provider and routing all Web traffic through different addresses and public servers instead. The proxies can help people protect content from blocking some sites place on IP address ranges of other countries.

Installing a device to use an anonymous proxy is not too difficult. Instead of configuring the address of the proxy server in the browser, network property pages as is done for SOCKS or HTTP proxies, you just navigate to the home page of the Web proxy, where proxy functionality is enabled for each browsing session.

What to look for in an anonymous proxy

The top free anonymous proxy server china Facebook is described below. When evaluating the tools, look for a reliable brand and one that performs at good speeds. Web browsing sessions through anonymous proxies do not run nearly as quick as normal Web browsing due to the extra translation overhead involved in going through the proxy server. If you want to use one regularly, let consider upgrading from a free proxy to a paid proxy service which provides higher performance and better quality of guarantees.

Notice that an anonymous proxy works differently from a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and only resolves Web browsing traffic.

  1. Anonymouse

Anonymouse supports email and web and Usenet proxies and has existed on the Internet for many years till now. Besides the free open access, a low-cost subscription is available for those that need to upgrade to additional services and faster proxy servers. Anonymouse supports both German and English languages.


  1. Proxify

Unlike most of other anonymous Web proxies, Proxify supports encryption via the SSL and HTTPS network protocols. Proxify also handles the basic functions of an anonymous proxy server well including hiding your IP address and filtering of cookies.


  1. Ninja Cloak

This free, Web-based proxy utilizes CGI. To begin an anonymous session from the Ninja Cloak home page, scroll down to the text box and type the URL of a website to visit. An HTTPS choice is also available providing additional security protection on the connection between your computer and the proxy.

  1. VinaHost

Along with its impertinent name, VinaHost has received good reviews for its services. Positive reviewers have commented on VinaHost’s ease of use. There are no reviewers have complained about browser pop-ups generated by the service as goodd as functional issues with browsing Web pages.


  1. Hidester

Hidester provides SSL proxy support that it touts as “the most reliable free Web proxy in the market” and promotes their service as mobile device friendly. They offer an extensive proxy IP list covering thousands of servers China in many locations throughout the world. This provider is especially common outside the U.S. in countries like India.